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  Tsunami Orphans
Soon after the December 2004 tsunami hit south-eastern coast of India with its well known devastation, Pastor John Arul and a team from his church traveled the 5-6 hours journey to Vellankanni to give emergency aid. Now this village has a home for about 80 children well away from the sea. Several older children joined the main home in Madurai to benefit from the improved education offered by the senior schools of this large city. Several years later, there is still much help needed to mend the broken lives of this village. Several children are in need of care because of the mental state of their surviving parent which leaves them incapable of work or caring for their family.
In November 2008, cyclone Nisha swept through this area causing very high winds and 4 foot deep floods. Much damage was done to recently constructed improvements to this home riping out roofs, doors, electrical wiring and water tanks, and ruining stored food and building supplies.