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Welcome to Love and Care International
Love and Care Ministries International grew out of a vision originally imparted to Pastor John Arul while he was living in a remote village in the Nilgiris hills of TamilNadu, South India. This God given ministry is shared with and supported by a large group of devoted Christians worldwide. Pastor John’s first children’s home was for the tribal children of his area who would otherwise have remained in a primitive environment with no education (see tribal ministry). After his move to his present base in Madurai, TamilNadu, Love and Care 333 India was formed in 1995 when pastor had taken in two orphaned children while out preaching in a nearby village (See “ The First Orphans”).
Love and Care Children’s homes now accommodate approximately 1,000 children with homes in three other Indian states. Our vision is to care for 30,000 chrildren with a home in every state of India.
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The First Orphans
In (month) 1995 John Arul, pastor of  New Hope Power Assemblies of God church and founder of Love and Care 333 India Children’s Homes, was preaching in a village outside his home town of  Madurai,  South India.